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I will create a custom airbrushed tan experience for those who are looking for a streak free flawless natural glow or a “just got back from vacation” dark tan.


Come visit my home studio.
in East Toronto. (Hwy 401 and Warden)


I'll come to you
in Toronto, York and Durham Regions.


In studio or mobile, It's always more fun & cheaper in groups.

in-studio pricing

1 person $50

2 people $45/each

package deals (studio)

3-pack: $130 (save $20)

5-pack: $205 (save $45)

mobile pricing

1 person $70

2 people $65/each

package deals (mobile)

3-pack: $190 (save $20)

5-pack: $305 (save $45)

group pricing (3 or more)

in-studio: $40/each

mobile: $60/each

* ask about my special packages for bridal parties.

* Prices may vary depending on location, time of day and travel time. Services are available 24hrs at an additional cost.

About Me

My mission is to create a custom airbrushed tan experience for those who are looking for a streak free flawless natural glow or a “just got back from vacation” dark tan. I am passionate about providing clients with a safe and healthy tanning option to avoid the damaging effects of the sun. I keep clients looking youthful and fabulous!

I use only the highest quality solutions that are custom mixed to my clients skin tone for optimal results. Solutions are gluten free, paraben free, nut-allergen free, paraben free, sulfate free, propylene glycol free, phthalates free, synthetic fragrance free, GMO free, triclosan Free, 100% vegan, fast drying, and never tested on our furry friends. Perfect for clients with sensitive skin.

Got Questions?

Here are some answers to questions I get asked a lot, and if you have a question that you don't see here, just reach out to me and I'll answer as best i can!

  • We recommend one or two days before your event.
  • We use only the highest quality solutions that are custom mixed to our clients skin tone for optimal results. All solutions are formulated with a skin firming blend that builds and restores the skin’s matrix. It is this proprietary blend that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for skin that feels good, and looks good. Expect a fast drying, non-sticky and streak-free result that will give you that “off the beach colour”. Your gorgeous glow will last 5-10 days with an even color fade.

    Paraben Free
    Gluten Free
    Sulfate Free
    Nut-Allergen Free
    Propylene Glycol Free
    Phthalates Free
    Synthetic Fragrance Free
    GMO Free
    Triclosan Free
    Cruelty Free / Not tested on animals
    All Natural Fragrance
    100% Vegan

    Low grade DHA and low quality (cheap) products have a tendency to react with skin poorly, causing it to look “orange”. A pH imbalance or improperly prepared skin can impact how your goGLOW tan looks. We start each service with a pH balancing solution that coats your skin and balances any overly-dry areas to create the most even and natural looking glow possible. Traditional soaps (think Dove, Dial, Caress etc.) strip the skin’s acid mantle of it’s natural repairing oils, which leads to an unbalanced pH – which creates uneven fading, rapid fading, orange tans and dry skin. We recommend using a sulfate-free CLEANSE body wash for all showers before and after your airbrush tan.

  • Generally yes, you can choose anything from a healthy glow to a deep tan. I have different airbrush solutions to choose from and I will guide you towards a choice that will work well with your natural skin color. Everyone’s result is slightly different, the product customizes with your skin’s natural chemistry–no two people will look the same. Please beware of places that offer a color chart to choose from as this is NOT how it works.
  • On average, 5–10 days. Factors such as skin type, activities and maintenance can cause your results to vary. Ask us for information about a healthy skin regimen and additional products to extend your glow.
  • For your first shower, we recommend just a warm water rinse. This means no soaps! To dry, pat your skin lightly with a towel.

    After 24 hours, shower with a sulfate-free body wash.

    Avoid long hot showers, baths, loofahs and exfoliants for 5–10 days.

    Apply moisturizer twice daily 24 hours after your airbrush tan. Avoid moisturizers with the following ingredients—alpha hydroxy acids, alcohol, ethanol, mineral oil and parabens. These ingredients excelerate your skin’s natural exfoliation, dry skin and strip your skin of its gorgeous glow!

    Drink plenty of water before and after your appointment, as it keeps your skin hydrated.

    Minimize the time you spend in chlorinated water. Swimming in lakes, though, is A-O.K!

  • When you arrive you will step into a private room and undress.

    You can wear bottoms, a thong is fine, topless or fully nude. Men must wear underwear or speedo.

    If your hair is very pale I will suggest a shower cap.

    Step into the tent and let the airbrushing begin! I’ll have you turn in different positions to ensure that we have covered your skin evenly to create your sunless tan. I finish with a gentle overspray and a check to make sure you appear as even as possible. The solution has a soft scent and cool mist feeling.

    After spraying, I dry you and have you check over your spray tan before you get dressed. The solution is tinted with a bronzer so you will have a softly tanned look when you leave the studio. The bronzer can rub off on the inside of your clothing so I suggest something loose fitting and dark colored. I will apply powder to help speed up drying before you get dressed.

    Mobile appointments will last 20-30 min

    In-studio appointments will last 15-20 min

  • Yes and no. It is best to make sure you have removed any dry skin buildup on your body. Sunless tans tend to absorb more heavily into dry skin patches. Exfoliating removes these dry areas allowing your airbrush tan to look smooth and even. Knees, elbows and ankles usually have more dry skin on them. Many of my clients notice that their skin starts looking healthier because they are exfoliating on a regular basis and moisturizing. The “NO” is I don’t want you to strip your skin. We are NOT asking you to remove layers of skin making yourself all red and rashy. Please be gentle.

  • During your session we recommend wearing older or dark colored bra and panties or nothing at all. For our male clients, undergarments are required. NOTE: Please make sure this is NOT your favorite brand new undergarments. Fresh spray tan solution WILL stain nylon and this is in ladies undergarments and swimwear. Anything light colored will be discolored by the airbrush solution.

    You WILL have tan lines–please consider this when making your undergarment choice if you have something special to wear (example, a strapless dress or very low back).

    During your session, we recommend wearing dark undergarments, swimwear or nothing at all. For our male clients, undergarments are required.

    After your session, its best to wear loose-fitting dark cotton clothing. Nothing tight and no JEANS or SPORTS BRAS. Loose workout clothing, scrubs, and flip flops are all good choices. For ladies I recommend no bra as it can pull airbrush solution off your skin creating a line.

    Weather Tips: Cold Weather: If you will be wearing a boot or shoe I suggest a loose fitting cotton sock–no tight trouser socks or pantyhose.

    Warm Weather: If you will be wearing a sundress or shorts please bring a towel to sit on if your car seats are leather. Fresh solution WILL stain leather.

    Rainy Weather: If it is raining please park as close as possible and I will walk you to your car with an umbrella. Raindrops will give you poka dots. Long sleeves and pants keep your tan protected from the water. This includes your feet–a shoe would be a better choice than a flip flop so that your feet do not get splashed as you walk. Again, a loose fitting cotton sock inside your shoe so the top of your foot does not become splotchy.

  • The tanning solution contains bronzer that may transfer to clothing. Because it is water-soluble it will not stain fabrics that are machine washable. We recommend that you wear loose-fitting dark cotton clothing right after your session, and avoid wearing anything “dry clean only” until after your first warm water rinse. Be cautious when sitting on furniture and car seat with exposed airbrushed skin. Place a towel down to avoid any bronzer from transfering.

  • To get the deepest and darkest results, we suggest waiting 12 or more hours before sweating, rinsing off in the shower or using any products. We use the highest grade solutions on the market today. Your tan will not feel sticky or have a strong odor before your first rinse

    Your inSPRAYtion specialist can discuss other options with you, like our Rapid Tan formula, which allows you to rinse off in 2-5 hours. Your inSPRAYtion specialist will give you an exact time to rinse, which depends on your skin’s complexion and your desired results. The Rapid Tan formula is best for those who are very active and would like to exercise or sweat in the first 24 hours of their airbrushed tan.

  • We arrive with a collapsible tent that is approximately 4.5 x 4.5 x 6.5 that contains our tools and protects your surroundings. We can set up anywhere you would like!

  • On average, 5–10 days. Factors such as skin type, activities and maintenance can cause your results to vary. Ask your inSPRAYtion specialist for information about a healthy skin regimen and additional products to extend your glow.

  • You can get sprayed for a one time special event or you can do it once a week for a year round glow.

  • You shouldn’t. Spray tanning on top of any layer of sunburned skin is at risk for peeling. Exfoliating aggressively prior to the spray tan may irritate the burnt area which can trigger peeling skin. Once the tan is applied, the affected area may become dry and begin the peeling process. When the tan developed and the peel occurs, it begins to look very patchy and uneven. The areas that are most at risk for peeling are your nose, shoulders and upper back. Even if the sunburn was mild, a few weeks ago and appears to be healed, damaged skin cells may still be under the surface and affect how your inSPRAYtion airbrush tan develops. Stay protected with generous amounts of sunscreen when you have skin exposed to the sun!

  • 24 hours after your session, you’re ready to CLEANSE and HYDRATE!

    We suggest you AVOID soaps—and anything that contains sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate (SLS). Bar soaps and Dove body products are especially harsh to the skin, as they have the most SLS and highest pH, so those are a no-go for most skin types. SLS is an additive and an emulsifier that allows cleansing products to foam. This ingredient strips your skin of its natural oils and fatty acids—which will take your tan with it! Instead, try a soap-free & sulfate-free cleanser in all of your showers, which will gently lift any dirt and impurities off your skin while leaving your airbrushed tan perfectly intact!

    When you’re ready to moisturize and hydrate, generic drugstore lotions are not your spray tan friends! Common lotions have parabens (preservatives) to lengthen the product’s shelf life. Four different types of parabens can be found in cosmetics: ethyl paraben, butyl paraben, methyl paraben, and propyl paraben. Instead, look for lotions and products that are paraben-free and use them within 6 months to a year. Mineral oil is in most lotions and cosmetics, and works by forming an oily layer on top of the skin and trapping water in your skin. Using mineral oil based lotions will cause your tan to fade quicker because mineral oil is made from petroleum, and breaks down the spray tan on the top layer of your skin. Instead, try a natural oil that is good for your skin and spray tan—like argan-oil.

    Alpha hydroxy acids, lactic acids, citric acids and glycolic acids help your dead skin cells fall off—great for exfoliating a few days before your goGLOW but not so great to make your tan last! Skip these ingredients until your airbrushed tan has faded

  • Yes! But first, we’ll need a signed waiver from your parent/guardian.

  • Congratulations! We will not provide services to those in their first trimester. After your first trimester you are ready to get glowing after completion of our consent form (this can be signed when you arrive to your appointment) or with a doctor’s note.

  • Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA is primarily used as an ingredient in sunless tanning products. It is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane, and by the fermentation of glycerin. DHA has long been FDA approved. The amino acids on your skin’s surface respond naturally to the DHA and other complementing ingredients in the tanning formula. The same process occurs when an apple is left out and it “browns.” The result? The most beautiful sunless tan you’ve ever seen.

  • I am often asked “How do I remove a spray tan?” You can’t just scrub off a spray tan. The tan is attached to the top layers of your skin and gently fades as your skin naturally exfoliates. The best thing to do is to take a long soak in the tub, the idea is to soften the skin. This is the time to work with a scrub, washcloth, loofah or scrubbing mitts. All natural baking soda right from your kitchen mixed with your shower gel works great. Once your skin is soft from soaking in the tub, create a gentle lather of your scrub and gently massage your skin to remove the old spray tan. Areas that tend to have a build up of old spray tan are feet and ankles, back of knees, inside of elbows and the armpit area.

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